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“Track Policy” – New system allows you to track workers’ comp “insurance policy” changes

Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation recently announced plans to roll out “Track Policy” a new verification enhancement system on November 30, 2019. The new system will allow users to receive “email” notifications of transactions for a specific insurance policy. Notifications will include cancellations of a workers’ comp insurance policy or subsequent reinstatement of a workers’ comp insurance policy.

This new verification system is a step further than the current verification system on the SBWC website which allows employees to verify their employer has existing workers’ compensation coverage. “Track Policy” will enable employees or other users to sign up to be notified by email for any changes to an employer’s (or chosen) insurance policy.

SBWC says, “There will be no charge to the user for utilizing the system.” More information is expected to be announced soon.

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