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“It’s in my moral compass to help people, to fight for people. I love that Attorney Benzo values the Hispanic community as much as every other community in Georgia. She cares about the immigrant experience in Georgia and how it’s affected them as injured workers.”

– Eunice Pou

As Client Service Coordinator for Benzo Law, Eunice Pou is the perfect combination of law, hospitality, and performance. She began her professional career as a pre-law student at the Universidad de Puerto Rico. In 1999 she entered the Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida, where she excelled as a creative performer and Entertainment Captain for more than ten years.

Eunice left Disney in 2011 and relocated to the Atlanta area. She worked for several years in the hospitality industry before transitioning to administration. As a performer and supervisor at Disney for more than a decade, Eunice suffered and witnessed injuries, learning firsthand, the value of working for companies that take great care of their injured employees like Disney. She knows the uncertainty of injuries, what it’s like to not know what to expect of your body after an injury. Am I going to recover? Will I get better?

Working at Benzo Law provides her the perfect opportunity to expand her career in the legal field while passionately advocating for injured clients who are often fearful, unsure of whether the job will stand by them, or if their doctors will side with the employers. She is a proud Puerto Rican and proud American who speaks both Spanish and English fluently. She loves interpreting for the Spanish-speaking clients of Benzo Law. When she’s not working alongside her colleagues, Eunice enjoys quality time with her husband and their 3-year-old dog Quinn.

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